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<pestopasta> How do you do 128bit memory buses and stuff like that
<pestopasta> Like what is going on in those 128 bits
<Rice> uh, data that's being read from or written to memory?
<Rice> What is the issue you're not understanding
<pestopasta> @Rice What is transferred over it
<HamSandwich> data that's being read from or written to memory 👀
<pestopasta> @HamSandwich Yea. How do you manage 128 bits though. That's a lot
<HamSandwich> They are written to and from caches via the cache controller, not the core. The core has a maximum of 32-bit access.
<Rice> @pestopasta ...the same way you handle 32 or 64 bits of data, just double or quadruple?
<pestopasta> I don't know what you mean. Is there a video explaining this?

Post-vaccination advice by country

As dispensed by the vaccinating staff:

  • Australia: Now, no heavy lifting for a few hours!
  • Estonia: Mm.. probably better not to go in sauna today.


Never mind that, lol. I have to update my Estonian documents to match my Australian ones for my partner’s immigration, so back to Ashe it is!