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<pestopasta> How do you do 128bit memory buses and stuff like that
<pestopasta> Like what is going on in those 128 bits
<Rice> uh, data that's being read from or written to memory?
<Rice> What is the issue you're not understanding
<pestopasta> @Rice What is transferred over it
<HamSandwich> data that's being read from or written to memory đź‘€
<pestopasta> @HamSandwich Yea. How do you manage 128 bits though. That's a lot
<HamSandwich> They are written to and from caches via the cache controller, not the core. The core has a maximum of 32-bit access.
<Rice> @pestopasta ...the same way you handle 32 or 64 bits of data, just double or quadruple?
<pestopasta> I don't know what you mean. Is there a video explaining this?

Post-vaccination advice by country

As dispensed by the vaccinating staff:

  • Australia: Now, no heavy lifting for a few hours!
  • Estonia: Mm.. probably better not to go in sauna today.


Never mind that, lol. I have to update my Estonian documents to match my Australian ones for my partner’s immigration, so back to Ashe it is!


Noting that, having moved (“returned!”) to Estonia, I’m going by Amelia (or Amy) again, since it’s the name on all my documentation here. Head isu!