Inkplate done quick

I recently received an Inkplate, and while I’m in the middle of a few interesting projects already, I couldn’t let it sit there unused. Until I get a longer chunk of time to turn it into something really nifty — maybe an embedded debugging helper of some kind — it can at least mean I no longer need to have open.

kmlyink’s README explains:

This repo has two parts:

  • a Dockerised IMAP proxy written in Ruby.

    It speaks plain HTTP, like an ESP can manage. It just fetches your Inbox listing and puts it in JSON.

  • a MicroPython module that connects to your wifi, speaks to the IMAP proxy, and formats it into the display.

It took just a few hours to get it all up and running. Delightful!

A photo of kmlyink in action. There's some emails listed on an e-ink