ATLANTIS AIRPORT — 映画の中の出来事 / It happened during the movie

12 Mar 2016

You can listen on ATLANTIS AIRPORT’s official YouTube. They’ve also put the original Japanese lyrics (Wayback) up on their blog

it happened during the movie

yes no, yes no, yes no
a cat’s eye is the signal

yes no, yes no, yes no
I’m not witty enough

mix the whites together
with your finger

turning, smoothly, around

spell it out for me, what they speak
because I want to read it
like a novel

give up / your eyes were diverted
do you hate me? hate this, that, everyone? right;
you think it’s fine if
everyone gets fucked up eventually
don’t you?

stamp it “par avion”

the roar of the waves at night
you and me
running, laughing

not with you, not without you

the cheese of a pessimist

bite me
hurt me
if the memories flow

play the fool; a sad clown
tears all a lie

i miss you

i want to meet soon
but my eyes are getting in the way

good night

take a breath

i’m sorry

i will grant you anything
i will caress you softly
call my name, and
close your eyes
just close your eyes

like this, let’s go far far away
and paint the sky red
so please, don’t
tell me it was all just a dream
is this farewell?
everything seems just like in a cinema
yet realistic at the same time too

happy like this, i’m by your side
it’s not that kind of ending, y’know?